Cheers to direction and connection!

The Enjoy Event Co. Workshop in SF


2 day workshop at the Makeshift Society in Hayes Valley in SF

Getting a business started can be overwhelming and daunting – and then you get inspired by creative people and that other people, yes just like you, have done it and done it well! G&S feel privileged that we were able to participate in the Enjoy Events Co. Workshop in San Francisco.

G&S love inspiration, meeting new people, seeing creative design, working with smart business people, connecting with savvy businesswoman, learning, being open to new things, being taught by geniuses in the social media and event industry! We love direction and connection!

G&S have major respect and gratitude for Megan & Emily from Enjoy Events Co. for sharing their knowledge, tips, and tricks on the wedding/event industry. It’s cool to build a community of planners, designers, stylists, etc who all learn from one another and make the industry stronger.

 Highlights from the workshop for G&S:
  • Awesome Swag – we were each given a fancy toolbox filled with treats, writing goodies & cards from Anna Rifle & Hello Lucky, and fun swag.
  • Being schooled on Social Media – SM genius Anne Sage shared her social media genius and she is just a rockstar. Inspiring and hilarious.
  • Photographer’s personal take on Weddings/events – Edyta – Fabulous, well known photographer with loads of information on styled shoots and the importance of showing quality work. She also introduced us to Tomfoolery SF – super fun Photo Booth company.
  • Insider scoop from a Vendor’s view – One True Love Vintage Rental businesswoman Amanda – broke down the difference between designers, stylists, and planners. Gave more info on styled shoots and how to work well with vendors of all kinds. We are all in this together! Also, super hilarious.
  • Checked out a mock-up table setting  – DIY design guru Myka from Modern Sequins shared an inspiration board and mock setting of fabulous DIY and budget friendly advice. LOVED her style! Bell jars, sprayed bottles as vases, the quartz gemstone drink toppers, and the concrete vases/planters. so much LOVE for this style!

Venue visit to Terra Art Gallery


Thanks to Enjoy Events Co. – it was our business!


yummy treats from G&S favorite sweets shop – Miette! yum!


G&S having a lil fun after our brains were going to explode from the 8 hour info-packed workshop day#1!


That’s right – G&S take notes the oldschool way!!


Emily & Megan sharing their biz knowledge. Like a BOSS! ha!


cool art from site visit


Workshop day #2 started with a mimosa! We are definitely on the same page with EECO!!


DIY design by the fabulous Myra from Modern Sequins


A very pretty mock-up table setting by EECO

Until next time,



Diamonds are forever…

Diamond Soiree Birthday Celebration

When one hits a milestone in life….it calls for an appropriate celebration. Ginger and Sugar were lucky to throw a Diamond Soiree for a special birthday party. The Birthday Lady wanted a fancy celebration with good friends…80 of them to be exact. G&S wanted the Guest of Honor to feel like she was worth a million bucks and since diamonds are a girl’s best friend we chose a Diamond Soiree/ Old Hollywood theme.  Here is how we celebrated diamond-style…


Happy Diamond Soiree Birthday from G&S!


Diamond Soiree Treats


Old Hollywood Vanity Dessert Table


The perfect cakes…


Diamond Tree Arrangement


Old Hollywood Perfume Bottles


Diamond Bar


Punch and Champagne!


Diamond Bar


Diamond Bar Signage


Diamond curtain


Candy Cigarettes are a must…


Every party needs props


Casablanca playing in the background


The perfect flower arrangements from Suzi’s Flowers


A proper corsage for the Birthday Guest of Honor!


Party Favors full of gourmet Nut and Chocolate mix


“Diamond’s are a girls best friend, and so is the Birthday Girl” party favor tags!


Until the next celebration…Cheers from G&S!

Little Man or Little Lady?

Right now we know SO many people who are pregnant! Since we like to party and celebrate all the fun things in life we were thrilled at the chance to throw a gender reveal party for some dear friends.

Gender reveal parties are a wonderful way to share the moment of learning the gender of your bundle of joy with your friends and family. There are endless ideas to personalize a gender reveal party so if you would like us to plan one for you – contact us:,!

We went with a little man or little lady theme with mustaches and bows. We also strayed from a traditional pink or blue and went with a coral, mustard, and grey color scheme. The most fun was opening the box to see which color balloons were going to emerge! Check out all the details!


Guests took either a mustache or a bow depending on their guess of the gender.


Each guest also filled out a little card for the baby and parents to be…


poms in color scheme with bunting and lights


Drinks to match color scheme and fun grey striped straws to complete the look…


Goodie bags filled with heart confetti and candies for the guests to take home with them


Grey pom flower


Flower arrangement on burlap square as centerpiece on each bistro table


IT’s A GIRL! Red heart balloons that emerged from the box the parents-to-be opened together!

Living the Dream Greek Style


Greek Island hopping was a wonderful place to start our 6-week adventure. After a very busy summer with many life-changing events happening (graduation, jobs ending, both of us moving, close friends moving out of town, etc) it was nice to get away and do nothing but relax for 2 glorious weeks! Greece was dreamy, it felt like one of those warm dreams that you don’t want to wake up from. Everything was so relaxing and refreshing.  Nature’s beauty literally at our fingertips… from the private beach cove that we sailed to by a pirate ship to sipping champagne while looking out at the night views of Santorini that sparkled in the moonlight.

The postcards you have seen are REAL! No photo enhancements, really…every island looked like a painting…it truly is that beautiful! The blue domed white buildings, cliff side towns, gorgeous red and black beaches, stunning sunsets, and delicious food (we probably consumed a pound of tzatziki a day but who is counting). There was so much to enjoy in Greece….here are some highlights:

1.     Raw Beauty! There is nothing more rejuvenating than be exposed to raw beauty. Taking in the views of gorgeous beaches and dipping in the refreshing sea is life-changing. It brings you back to life and removes the everyday troubles. It frees you to relax and savor what nature has to offer. Each island offered something a little different, in Mykonos & Ios we enjoyed white sand beaches but in Santorini we experienced our first red sand beach and lounged at a black sand beach.

Kalafati Beach, Mykonos

Dipping our toes in the crisp Aegean sea

2.     Vacation conversations! You know those conversations on vacation where you can just let loose and open up about your dreams and get real.   We Sipped champagne cocktails at Franco’s Bar in Santorini while looking out to the moonlit sea and had a deep conversation. We shared our hopes and aspirations for the future, laughed loudly, cried (not shocking), and reflected on what has led us to where we are currently. These are times that we cherish and hold deep in our hearts.

Ready for a night out!

Windy day hair!


3.   Magical Sunsets! Seeing one of the most beautiful sunsets in Oia, Santorini. We are suckers for a gorgeous sunset and this one did not disappoint. It was nice to sit back, have a glass of wine, and take in the beauty. As the sun was setting a pirate-looking ship sailed in the background to complete the already picturesque scene.

Sunset with ships passing in Oia, Santorini

Oia, Santorini

4.     History! Visiting ancients sites such as the Parthenon in Athens and Akrotiri in Santorini just opens the mind. To see history up close and personal is such a cool experience. You read about stuff in books but to stand in front of the Parthenon and looking into the Theatre of Dionyisos (the birthplace of Greek Tragedy)…all you can say is wow, just wow!

The Erechtheum

Theatre of Dionyisos

Temple of Zeus