Cheers to direction and connection!

The Enjoy Event Co. Workshop in SF


2 day workshop at the Makeshift Society in Hayes Valley in SF

Getting a business started can be overwhelming and daunting – and then you get inspired by creative people and that other people, yes just like you, have done it and done it well! G&S feel privileged that we were able to participate in the Enjoy Events Co. Workshop in San Francisco.

G&S love inspiration, meeting new people, seeing creative design, working with smart business people, connecting with savvy businesswoman, learning, being open to new things, being taught by geniuses in the social media and event industry! We love direction and connection!

G&S have major respect and gratitude for Megan & Emily from Enjoy Events Co. for sharing their knowledge, tips, and tricks on the wedding/event industry. It’s cool to build a community of planners, designers, stylists, etc who all learn from one another and make the industry stronger.

 Highlights from the workshop for G&S:
  • Awesome Swag – we were each given a fancy toolbox filled with treats, writing goodies & cards from Anna Rifle & Hello Lucky, and fun swag.
  • Being schooled on Social Media – SM genius Anne Sage shared her social media genius and she is just a rockstar. Inspiring and hilarious.
  • Photographer’s personal take on Weddings/events – Edyta – Fabulous, well known photographer with loads of information on styled shoots and the importance of showing quality work. She also introduced us to Tomfoolery SF – super fun Photo Booth company.
  • Insider scoop from a Vendor’s view – One True Love Vintage Rental businesswoman Amanda – broke down the difference between designers, stylists, and planners. Gave more info on styled shoots and how to work well with vendors of all kinds. We are all in this together! Also, super hilarious.
  • Checked out a mock-up table setting  – DIY design guru Myka from Modern Sequins shared an inspiration board and mock setting of fabulous DIY and budget friendly advice. LOVED her style! Bell jars, sprayed bottles as vases, the quartz gemstone drink toppers, and the concrete vases/planters. so much LOVE for this style!

Venue visit to Terra Art Gallery


Thanks to Enjoy Events Co. – it was our business!


yummy treats from G&S favorite sweets shop – Miette! yum!


G&S having a lil fun after our brains were going to explode from the 8 hour info-packed workshop day#1!


That’s right – G&S take notes the oldschool way!!


Emily & Megan sharing their biz knowledge. Like a BOSS! ha!


cool art from site visit


Workshop day #2 started with a mimosa! We are definitely on the same page with EECO!!


DIY design by the fabulous Myra from Modern Sequins


A very pretty mock-up table setting by EECO

Until next time,



the beginning


about GINGER:  A true red-head from the Mid now living on the West Coast. I have been referred to as a pistol and a wild stallion on more than one occasion, so it must be true. I like freedom, so don’t put me in a box. I love random sayings like “waste not, want not” & ”you only live once”…and probably use them too often. I was born to party and forced to work. But if I must work, I want to work hard, have fun, and have no drama – well only the good kind. I just want it all. I love to cheers to anything and everything. And of course I love adventure. And I am more ready than ever for the next adventure life has for me!

about SUGAR: A native Californian who has a thirst for adventure. I love to laugh, embrace life fully, and go after what I want with a tenacity like no other. I am a sucker for quotes. I find joy in seeing the people around me thrive and embrace their talents. I often imagine life erupting into a musical at any moment (but don’t ask me to sing!)! I love to stop and smell the roses. I love celebrating all the things in life and do it in style. I am ready to start a new style of “work” and cannot wait for what is next!

about how GINGER & SUGAR came together:

It all started on a park bench in a little beach town. We found ourselves in Santa Cruz, CA, far from where we thought we would end up (Ginger: Chicago & Sugar: Hawaii). A quick meeting on a park bench turned into the beginning of Ginger &Sugar working together and eventually a united determination to make our dreams come true. The start of a friendship with dreams to one day start a business together.

We both found ourselves at the same less than ideal company in a town that is definitely a place of its own, wondering what was next. Sugar left and after a phone call one afternoon to meet her on a bench to discuss a job opportunity at her new company, Ginger followed.

Here we realized our working compatibility and that we shared a common trait: passion. Passion to do things well and let no one get in the way. It was here that we were pushed and pruned, where we learned hard lessons, and became aware of our capabilities. We had found an innovative environment that endorsed growing and that we did. We thrived and worked hard and had fun together. But like all things in life, change is inevitable and the company changed. With this change we were pulled in different directions – Ginger and Sugar learning life lessons. Ginger stayed at the company as it ever-changed and Sugar went back to school.

We had always remembered our little corner where we worked on the same team listening to no diggity cranking out work without a hiccup. We had talked about doing a biz together with our strong-willed tenacity combined- it had to come to fruition, someday but when and how!?! Like life does in it’s crazy and unpredictable way, we both found ourselves in a position where we could leave our current jobs, go to Europe for inspiration, and yes begin the adventure of starting a candy/party business together: Ginger and Sugar!

I hope as you follow us you enjoy the journey with us as we pursue our dreams…