Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand…..

Why hello there….it has been a while…but here we are again celebrating at the next level….what we do best!

We were thrilled when a dear friend wanted to have a Yacht Rock themed 40th. It is so much when everyone involved runs (or in this case sails away!) with the theme. The most fun was building the photo booth. A photo booth is such a fun addition to any party and can be super simple or as elaborate as you want it to be. For this project we knew we needed something big, how can you have a yacht rock party and not have a yacht??!! We thought it would be cool to have all the pieces separate so that it gave the photo dimension and wasn’t just a backdrop, we wanted it to be an interactive piece for the guests. We had Redbeard construct the waves and boat out of plywood and the birthday girl’s hubby made the sale out of drop cloth and dowels. Throw on some paint and spray on some stenciling and voila a photo booth! Didn’t the boys do a great job?

Here are some of our fave photos.

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The super cutie birthday girl with her adorable daughter and hubby.

The super cutie birthday girl with her adorable daughter and hubby.

Because seriously, too cute!

Because seriously, too cute!


Diamonds are forever…

Diamond Soiree Birthday Celebration

When one hits a milestone in life….it calls for an appropriate celebration. Ginger and Sugar were lucky to throw a Diamond Soiree for a special birthday party. The Birthday Lady wanted a fancy celebration with good friends…80 of them to be exact. G&S wanted the Guest of Honor to feel like she was worth a million bucks and since diamonds are a girl’s best friend we chose a Diamond Soiree/ Old Hollywood theme.  Here is how we celebrated diamond-style…


Happy Diamond Soiree Birthday from G&S!


Diamond Soiree Treats


Old Hollywood Vanity Dessert Table


The perfect cakes…


Diamond Tree Arrangement


Old Hollywood Perfume Bottles


Diamond Bar


Punch and Champagne!


Diamond Bar


Diamond Bar Signage


Diamond curtain


Candy Cigarettes are a must…


Every party needs props


Casablanca playing in the background


The perfect flower arrangements from Suzi’s Flowers


A proper corsage for the Birthday Guest of Honor!


Party Favors full of gourmet Nut and Chocolate mix


“Diamond’s are a girls best friend, and so is the Birthday Girl” party favor tags!


Until the next celebration…Cheers from G&S!