About Us!

Over the years of slaving away and working hard for others, life had its funny little way of pushing Ginger & Sugar into what we love. PARTY LOVE. We love to party, throw parties, attend parties, crash parties..you get the gist…Ginger&Sugar doesn’t just party, we throw parties!

It is our philosophy that there is always something to celebrate and it should always be done in style! G&S want to help and support others in throwing memorable parties, and by party we mean any party….birthday, baby gender-revealing, engagement, holiday, special anniversary, milestone birthday, tv-premiere, or just any fun get together. We will plan and style your event so that you can sit back, relax, and when it is time, PARTY! So let’s get started – contact us at styling@gingerandsugar.com.

about GINGER: A true redhead from the Mid now living on the West Coast. I have been referred to as a pistol and a wild stallion on more than one occasion, so it must be true. I like freedom, so don’t put me in a box. I was born to party and forced to work. But if I must work, I want to work hard, have fun, and have no drama – well only the good kind. I just want it all. And of course I love adventure. And I am more ready than ever for the next adventure life has for me!

about SUGAR: A native Californian who has a thirst for adventure. I love to laugh, embrace life fully, and go after what I want with a tenacity like no other. I am a sucker for quotes. I find joy in seeing the people around me thrive and embrace their talents. I often imagine life erupting into a musical at any moment (but don’t ask me to sing!)! I love to stop and smell the roses. I love celebrating all the things in life and do it in style. I am ready to start a new style of “work” and cannot wait for what is next!

Email: styling@gingerandsugar.com for more info…


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