Happy Mom’s Day from Ginger&Sugar!

Pretty flowers for pretty Mamas!



To all the wonderful Mothers who have nurtured, sacrificed and loved unconditionally!

We are forever grateful and blessed because of YOU!

You make the world go ’round!



Gatsby! Gatsby! Who is this Great Gatsby!?

“And I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties there isn’t any privacy.”
― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great GatsbyTiffany-Great-Gatsby-Inspired-Designs-Champagne-Pearls

Ginger & Sugar are super excited for the new Great Gatsby movie…ahh the visual indulgences and excitement of the roaring 20’s!

Talk about parties, the Great Gatsby sure knew how to throw one!


Let’s Party Gatsby-style!

Champagne, anyone?!?!

One-year old Birthday Party: The Sweetest Kitten


Ginger & Sugar believe that birthdays are the best days! Today’s featured party was for our dear friend’s little baby girl who just turned 1. The proud mama does graphic design work for G&S, is super duper creative, and came up with the cutest theme for the occasion – Our Sweetest Kitten! How cute is that?!! Not only is Ercilia super creative but her mom is a baking genius and made all of the colorful, beautiful, delicious treats. Check out the dessert table and try not to drool. It was so much fun styling this special celebration because all the elements were FUN! Bright & cheery colors, pom poms, tassels, and beautiful desserts! Check out the details:


Check out the pom pom chandelier!


Stunning desserts, fun candies, confetti, and little kittens!

Who doesn't love colorful sprinkle donuts??!!

Who doesn’t love colorful sprinkle donuts??!!



Fun goodie bags!

Fun goodie bags!

Let the good times keep rollin’!

Wanna celebrate G&S style?… Contact us!

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Hey there, Amigos!

Happy Cinco de Mayo from G&S!


Hand-made Piñata from G&S! Tissue paper and cardboard boxes! Buenisimo!

Hope everyone has a safe and fun CINCO! 

Adios Guapos!

Sinceramente, G&S